As The Wheel Turns
By Kaycie Sanders, Dial-A-Ride Administrative Director

The world is changing as we know it. This time in our Nation is something the children of tomorrow will read about in their history books. The United States of America and many other nations have joined together as one as we fight this silent war.

The soldiers in this battle aren’t just wearing camouflage. You will see them in all colors, but especially in white coats, blue collars, delivery uniforms, and in green, Dial-A-Ride green.

Dial-A-Ride drivers and dispatchers have been nothing but amazing! With new protocols and procedures implemented weekly, hour modifications, and the many other changes, this team has not been defeated.

They report to work with smiles on their faces and ready to take on the day. Knowing that they are putting their safety in jeopardy, but also the safety of their families, they bravely commit to their duty in this battle.

At this time, Dial-A-Ride is only providing transportation for medical purposes only. Some riders live alone and do not have family. They depend on Dial-A-Ride to get to their life sustaining appointments. Our team saves lives too.

So today, we thank you Dial-A-Ride drivers and dispatchers. We are grateful for your commitment to your communities and fellow citizens. We are very proud of our team. Heroes work at Dial-A-Ride!