Our Mission

The mission of the Coles County Council on Aging (CCCoA) is to enhance quality of life for older adults and people of all ages and abilities.

To promote independence, dignity, self-fulfillment, health and education through the provision of community-based services and programming for all sectors of the population.

Be Helpful - Always assist volunteers, clients and other staff. Team players required!

Be Enthusiastic - SMILE!!! Positivity is key to success!

Be Adaptable - Change is GOOD. Approach each challenge as an adventure!

Be Respectful - Everyone brings value. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Be Trustworthy - We must be reliable and professionally accountable for our actions.

                    The most important part of any successful TEAM is HEART!




Our History




Our Values

Our Vision

What We Do

  • Serve as a sponsor of programs and services to benefit the general public in Coles County.

  • Advise, coordinate, and advocate on behalf of the Coles County population.

  • Assist in determination of the needs of senior citizens and 

  • Encourage the establishment of action programs and serving as the clearinghouse and coordinating body to provide efficiency in serving the citizens of Coles County and avoiding duplication of services.

  • Inform the general public and governing bodies of the county and state about the needs of Coles County citizens.

The Coles County Council on Aging (CCCoA) was established in 1973 and incorporated in 1974 as a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3). 

In 2008, after ten years of planning and development the CCCoA expanded there mission by building and opening the Lifespan Center.  It's purpose is to provide a wide range of intergenerational and multi generational services and programming to benefit our community as a whole.Today, services include the Dial-A-Ride Public Transportation Program (serving both Coles & Douglas Counties), LSVP (LifeSpan Volunteer Program), Telecare Senior Information Services, and the Family Caregiver Resource Center. 

The Lifespan Center hosts activities and events of all different types on a daily basis.

***CCCoA does not discriminate in admission to programs, activities or employment in compliance with appropriate state and federal statutes, including Title VI. If you feel you have been discriminated against, you have the right to file a complaint. If you wish to file a complaint please contact the CCCoA Executive Director (Civil Rights Coordinator), for the appropriate instructions and form necessary to file a complaint.